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Baby Willemina: A Family Centered Home Birth

This family centered home birth included Momma's sister, who is a midwife herself but attended as support for her big sis. It was so special to witness and document her support. She had already told me the story about her sister not being able to finish braiding her hair with her birth before this baby because baby was coming way faster than they ever thought…

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Baby Dean: An Unpredictable Birth

Sometimes we plan for and count on things turning out a specific way, and despite all of our best efforts, plans change. This first time momma labored beautifully with so much strength, and ended up with changed plans that she handled with so much bravery and acceptance. If labor and childbirth could be described with only one word, most days I'd probably give it this one: unpredictable…

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Baby Theo: A Birth of Strength and Resilience

This first time momma was nothing short of fierce, never wavering from showing incredible strength...even at her weakest points in labor. She is a warrior and an incredible example of the biggest love we experience on this planet, the love of a mother. I am privileged to be given her permission to share her birth story here with you…

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