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Why Birth Services are Expensive and 5 Ways You Can Afford It | Houston, Texas Doula + Birth Photographer

Finances are probably easily the biggest road block when it comes to a family desiring to hire a luxury services like a doula or a birth photographer. I'm willing to bet there's also a lot of confusion as to why it is as expensive as it is. It is without a doubt the most common reason I am turned down by a family desiring my services…

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An Open Letter to Every Momma Preparing to Give Birth | Houston, Texas Birth Photographer, Videographer, and Doula

My heart beats so fiercely for the topic of childbirth.  Ever since having my first son I've become completely mesmerized by the strength women carry with them, some never knowing even through childbirth what they're capable of…

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My Journey Continues

To say it's been a long past year and a half would be undermining the life that has happened in that [short] time reel of my life. Having children has certainly played a huge role in molding me into the woman I am at this moment. It's been the biggest impact to hit my life, the hardest and best thing I've ever done is be called Momma. Here's to the past year and a half of motherhood, marriage, family, and friendships...

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