your postpartum

You are going to be exhausted and forever changed. You are in the rawest stage of motherhood, no matter if this is your first or fourth baby. From the moment they are born, babies change at a rapid rate, and so do you. You need to heal. You need support. You need a village. I want to be your village.
Your little love will grow through many changes between the seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years of life. Capturing these early moments gives you something to look back on with warmth in your heart as you reminisce on times that feel like they were just yesterday.  

fourth trimester support

There’s never been a time in my life that I have felt more happy, more sad, or more raw in my existence. This period of time in my life holds the ability to either break me, or shape me into the mother I am becoming.
— Anonymous Postpartum Momma

first 6 weeks

home visits twice per week
troubleshooting breastfeeding struggles
baby wearing help
self care practices
getting enough sleep
baby care
meal prepping
time to yourself
two weeks of dinner service delivered to your home

postpartum photography

Each session type includes a viewing session with your edited gallery to choose from a variety of products to tell your story.

fresh 48 photography & filming

Capture some of the freshest of moments with your newborn baby. You may choose to have this session take place in the comfort of your home, or in your alternative place of delivery as long as it is scheduled within the first 48 hours of your baby's birth. 


availability for up to 1 hour sometime between 4 - 48 hours of age

laid-back style guide provided for help with choosing clothing

newborn photography & filming

Taking place in the comfort of your home, I follow your lead and either take a completely documentary approach, acting as a fly on the wall (much like I do while documenting a birth story). Or, I gently guide you into natural lifestyle poses that have a comfortable look and feel to them. 


availability for up to 2 hours between 3-10 days of age

your choice between documentary or lifestyle session type

laid-back style guide provided for help with choosing clothing

healing herbal bath photography

availability for up to 1 hour between birth & 7 days of age

viewing session with edited gallery to choose from a variety of products to tell your story

herbs & fresh flowers provided

Whether you experienced a serene or tough birth, a herbal bath is a relaxing and healing experience recommended for either the mother or father and baby, shortly after giving birth. It helps soothe skin, repair tissue and is gentle enough for a newborn baby. May take place as soon as a few hours or up to 7 days after birth providing a great way to bond with your baby and peaceful images to look back on. 

a la carte options

Full service photography is part of your experience when you hire me. This includes providing you with access to the highest quality of professional heirloom print products to enjoy your memories on for the rest of time. The quality I provide is intended to last from generation to generation. Digital galleries are available for purchase as well, if preferred.


custom heirloom keepsakes

various print options

custom engraved wooden USB

full-resolution digital galleries

& more!